Saturday, June 20, 2009

For Josie's birthday, she wanted her room painted. The boys left for a fathers and sons activites and we went to town. What do you think?


We still have a few things to do, (like curtains, chair rail, vinyl...) but she loves it.

School Awards

Josie got a perfect attendance award for the WHOLE year! There were only about 10 kids in the whole school who got the award, but they did a drawing and Josie won and $10 gift certificate to fred meyer, a free ice cream from McDonalds, and a free kids meal at Texas Roadhouse!
Kody got the outstanding reader award in his class. He is an EXCELLENT reader for his age!

Memorial Day at Grandpas!

As you can see, my grandpa is a WWII vet. He is an amazing guy! He does a ceremony at the cemetary every memorial day and we finally got to go. We had tons of fun with family and cousins!

Spirit Week at school

It seems like I haven't posted it forever, so no one probably reads this anymore. However, there have been some fun things I want to document here.

These are a few picture of the kids for spirit week. Crazy hair day, (isn't that the best on Josie...a highlighting cap!!!) hippy day, and 80"s day .( I shouldn't be so proud of how good I did Josie's hair that day. It just came right back to me!)