Monday, February 22, 2010

Time to be an AWESOME mom!

Who has time for anything anymore? I have to admit that my world seems to be spinning out of control. I am a wife, mother, young women leader, an organist, a co-owner of a business, a visiting teacher, hair stylist, school volunteer, and so much more. There is so much to do and I am pulled in so many directions. Who said my life has to be this way? I completely understand that this is all my own doing though. I tell myself that I can do it all. Each task separately sounds fun and is something I feel like I could do well. Then they are all lumped together into my crazy life and I find myself not feeling to happy about it. So I have decided it was time for a BIG change!
Yesterday I was praying hard to be close to the spirit, so that I could get a few answers to some of my concerns. It wasn't the answer that I wanted or was even praying about, but I felt strongly that I need to quit doing hair and become the AWESOME stay-at-home MOM that I want to be! I have cried about this a lot because I LOVE doing hair. Seriously, I will miss it A LOT!! However, it is not my #1 priority. I want to create a peaceful and loving environment for my family. Right now it is just to caotic! I am always in a hurry, not very patient, throwing something together for dinner and rarely clean my house. Sometimes I feel like I am just running on fumes. I want to help the kids with their chores, homework, and piano practicing and talk to them about their days and see what they have in their back packs right when they come home from school! I want to quit saying, "Not right now" or "In a minute."
I want my husband and kids to FEEL and KNOW that they are my #1 priority! My marriage is good, but can't it always be better??? What husband wouldn't love to spend more time on the couch with his wife rather than taking care of the kids, doing the dishes, laundry, or cooking dinner because his wife is so busy? My kids need me right now too! They are growing up and I want to have a close relationship with each one. My moms always tells me to enjoy my kids because they'll be grown up before I know it, and I don't want to miss it!
I understand that some women have to work and be the best mom they can be, but right now my husband has a good job that can support our family. Now that we are out of school, I really want to live on what my husband makes, even if that means cutting out a few things. It's a leap of faith, but I know I will be blessed as I put my family first in my life! Thank you all for your LOVE and SUPPORT! My last day will be April 30.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tyann's New Do!

We were bored this afternoon and needed something to do,
so we decided to try a PERM!

This is her "Before" shot!


"After" SO CUTE!
LOVE the new headbands! Go here to get yours NOW!!!

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My baby is TWO!!

Lacey turned 2 years old last Thursday. She is so sweet!
She sure knows how to say "NO", but we LOVE her!

Her presents and all the rest of us!

The only really good smile!

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