Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A few of my favorite things...

I LOVE many things about my house. I love that my kids have their own rooms, that the toys are in a room of their own, we have an extra room for storage (food, camping, files, clothes, ect), we have a big family room for entertaining, I love that it feels really open in the entry/living room, and I love the colors on the outside of the house. HOWEVER, here are a few of my FAVORITE things.

#3. THE KITCHEN!! I love the dark trim, I love the corner pantry, and I LOVE my pull out drawers. This one is my favorite because it is all my baking ingredients.

#2. MY TUB!! I love the jets, the heater, the color of the tile, the depth, and the sound it makes when the jets are on so that it blocks out ALL other noise!

#1. MY SALON!! I love that I can do hair in a room other than the kitchen, the central vac pan that literally sucks the hair right in, my new hydraulic chair, the comfortable sink, and the big mirror on the wall.

How did I ever get this lucky?? I feel so blessed.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

We're in!!!!

Sorry about the long dry spell. We have been a bit busy. We finally moved into our new home and LOVE it. Everyone has their own rooms with NO toys! It is Amazing!

We also had Lacey's baby blessing a few weeks ago. It was so fun to have our family here and have a place big enough to hold us all! I'll post more pictures of my favorite things about our house soon!