Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sick Baby Update!

I am sad to report that Friday Lacey was even more miserable, so we took her back into the doctor and he was really worried about her oxygen level and also found a double ear infection!! I can't really believe babies change that drastically in two days, but whatever. Anyway, so he admitted her to the hospital right away. I was there for 24 hours, then Micah spelled me off today and now my mom came up (Can you believe she came all the way up from Cache Valley again? Thanks mom!!) to sit with her tonight so that we could go to stake conference and have a little time away.

It is really hard to be there so much because she is feeling so crummy. Very lathargic, very dehydrated, and very limp. (pictures to come) They were saying that she had RSV and treating her for that, giving her liquids through an I.V. and other meds and then this morning they did an x-ray only to find pnemonia! WHAT???!!!?! That's all we need. Anyway, she is on oxygen through her nose AND a mask and they are still having trouble keeping her oxygen up where it needs to be. Needless to say, it has been 2 days with very little improvement! It looks like we will be there a few more days. Please, if you could, pray for her. This is a lot for her little body to take. Thanks for all the love and support from the meals to the calls! We have great friends and neighbors!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I LOVE....

Sticky Finger Salad from Wingers!Lately this salad has just HIT THE SPOT! I love the spicy chicken with the ranch dressing and the crunchiness of the salad. YUMMM!! I even went and bought their special winger sauce so that I could make my own so I don't go broke and it wasn't the same, but still REALLY really good! **A trick my friend and I discovered is that you get more food for your dollar, if both of you order a dinner salad and split an order of chicken!**

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Does anyone else get frustrated when their child is sick and you take them to the doctor and they tell you it is "viral" and they can't do anything to help? Now, I am glad to not be over-medicateing or have something life threatening, but it really bugs. I had to cancel an appointment to go, leave another child here that was throwing up, lose about 1 1/2 hours of my day, and spend how much $$$ to learn that she'll just ge through it?!/!?

Anyway, I guess I haven't posted in a while for lack of good/happy things to say. Not that life it terrible, don't know. So I have decided to think more positively!! I have loved reading my friends posts about the things that they love this month so I am going to try it. I will pick something that I LOVE and write about it tomorrow! Stay tuned.......

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Late Valentines Day!

Valentines day for us was pretty busy. We went to a funeral (see previous post & thanks for all the great comments!) to support a good friend and I also got to go to the temple to see one of my dear friends sealed to her husband and children (sorry, no pictures yet). It was such an emotional/amazing day.

So the night before we decided to go with our friends to Idaho Falls and try out the new Red Robin! It was so much fun. Good Food + Good Company = GREAT TIME! Have you ever had a hamburger with an egg on it? We did and it was fantastic!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sad News

I just found out today that a good friend of mine lost her husband Sunday night in an automobile accident. She has two little girls and my heart has broken for her. I don't know what I would do if that happened to me. I wouldn't want to eat, sleep, get dressed, clean the house, cook, or do anything. I will be praying for her to get through this difficult time and hope that you will join me! What do you do for someone in this situation? I will go to the funeral and support her, but really, what else can I do?

Friday, February 6, 2009


This is Lacey's first birthday cake. Isn't it cute. It's a Lacey bug! How did I have time to make a cake, you say?
Well.... I didn't. This is my friend Laurie and can you believe she offered to make a cake for me because I told her that I didn't have time? I hope you all have a friend like this! Thanks Laurie!
She was very interested in the cake. She even succeeded putting her foot in it first!

I know you all know me well enough to know that I didn't let her dive into it and make a mess! That would just be TOOOOO much. But, I did let her eat some and she really liked it!

Kody will probably not appreciate this picture, but it is so cute that Lacey "washes" her hair like the big kids! She is such a cutie! (Never Mind! I deleted the picture for Kody's sake! Just imagine how cute she is rubbing her hair!)
Okay......I have been getting the best deals lately on grocery shopping. I have a fabulous Sister in law who has been showing me the ropes! Here is my latest deal. I shopped at Smiths and after sales, coupons, and discounts, I got this whole thing for $15.96. LOVE IT!!
My sister and I are broadening our selection of "girly" stuff. She has now made a reversible, adjustable headband for little girls too! It's so cute and doesn't squeeze to hard on their heads. Tyann LOVES hers. Check out our website and our NEW BLOG at You'lll be glad that you did, for sure!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My sister and I have finally got a blog going to show you the fun new things we are making for Girly Accents. With Valentines right around the corner, we have been getting ready. You can see the latest at Let us know what you think or if you have any questions or requests. Our new e-mail for Girly Accents is