Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of school in 2009!

Here is Josie on the first day of 4th grade! Isn't she growing up? She looked beautiful!
Here she is with her new bag and matching lunch box!
Kody.....what a handsome little dude! He seriously makes me smile everyday!
Here he is with his new bag and matching lunch box too! It almost tipped him over because it was so full of "supplies!"
After we took the kids to school Tyann wanted to take our picture. Here is Lacey with bed head and jammies and my super LONG hair. Well....for me anyway!
We were happy to see the kids go to school..................................
But also very sad at the same time.................................
Josie and Kody listened to what I said and got on the same bus; however, it was the WRONG bus. Luckily a lady in my ward noticed them and gave them a ride home. Hopefully tomorrow will go smoother!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Girly Accent News!

#1. Things are going well for us at Girly Accents. I attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for Paislee Punch, where we sell our product. It was really fun. Jennifer, the owner, is awesome. She is a good decorator and business owner. If you live in Pocatello and haven't checked it should! #2. We are having a Girly Accent Party!! Our first ever. My sister has had several requests to come see some headbands, so we decided to invite everyone over at once. Bring your new school clothes and we will find the perfect girly accent to go with it! Headbands, hairbows, flower clips, and even some jewelry. The party is next Thursday, August 13, 2009 at 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm, at her house in Utah County(e-mail us if you need an address - Mark your calendars! EVERYONE is invited. Come to visit and have treats.

#3. Check out our giveaway on our Girly Accents Blog.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Long Time....No Blog!

Well, the summer is passing along and our summer break can be summed up in two words "FAMILY REUNIONS!!" We just got back from our third reunion and had a blast! Here are some pictures of what we have been up to.

Micah had a birthday in July! He got a way nice lookin' suit for his birthday. Funny gift, you might think? Well, he was put in the bishopric at the end of May and he needed a little more variety! He looks SO GOOD!!!
Kody had his first "mutton-bustin" experience. He did really good and had fun even though it was hot in all the protective gear and it was about 100 degrees outside!
Our cousins came to play.....
Kody turned 7! I couldn't believe it. He is such a good kid.
He chose to have a few friends go bowling and get ice cream. Easiest and best birthday party ever!!!
Riding horses at the Brent Cottle family reunion. We all had a blast!
Thanks Ash and Aaron for the great reunion and thanks Dad and Mark for bring the horses up for us to enjoy. We all loved it!
A new shirt and watch from my sister Ashlee. I love it! Thanks again. (If you like the flower in my hair and you would like to get one for yourself or someone else, click here! :-)
Well, I'll try to update more often so that I don't have such a long post next time. I hope you are all having a GREAT summer too!