Thursday, June 30, 2011

Family Reunion #1

The Anderson reunion came first this year
and it was A LOT of fun.
(Although it was sad that Micah couldn't go with us!)
We had tons of fun canoeing,
 riding horses,
 blowing bubbles,
 digging in the dirt,
 riding four wheelers
and SO much more.
Thanks everyone for a GREAT time!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The first of Summer fun!

I have LOVED watching Kody play Soccer!
I have to quiet my exuberant cheering (yelling) so as
to not embarrass him, but I just can't help it!
Here he is in action!
 Here are the girls trying to get warm at the game.
It took for-e-ver to get warm here in Idaho.
 We also found an awesome animal exhibit at the 
library too!  You could even touch all the animals.
We loved it so much, we went back a second time!
 We also went on a fun bike ride too!
I tried to wear out the kids before bedtime, but I 
think I wore myself out more.
However, it did put Lacey to sleep and Ty was
definitely thinking about it!  :)
 We also had another Simplot Family day!
Luck Bryan and Cali got to go with us this time.
I LOVE the protective gear you have to wear.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

End of the year happenings!

The end of the school year is always busy, but fun!
Here is Josie getting her perfect attendance award.
 Phil Meador Toyota offered the kids a free bike and helmet 
if they got perfect attendance.  It was a very good incentive!
Here she is on her new bike!
Here is Kody getting his Reading award.
(Not sure why he had that goofy smile! :)
I can't remember exactly how many points he had,
but it was a lot!  He's a really good reader!
 When we (Lacey and I) went to Tyann's Kindergarten Graduation, 
Lacey wanted to be the star of the show.
She's SO me!  Ha ha ha!:)
Here is Ty at her Kindergarten Graduation.
I hate that they play the graduation song.
Just hearing it makes my eyes tear up.  She's SO excited for 1st grade.
(Good thing I still have Lacey at home or I would be having a heart attack.)
 Josie also had her 11th birthday! 
She's growing up so quickly!  She's the best helper
and very fun to have around! Love you, Josie!
 I love this picture with the Birthday Wreath!!
Doesn't it just shout out, HAPPY BIRTHDAY?

I also got to go with Josie on her "bike hike"
on the last day of school!
Thanks Cali, for keeping Lacey!
We had a blast together. I'm so glad I'm able to make time
for these special moments!
 And last, but not least, Josie graduated from 5th grade!
I'm seriously going to have a mild breakdown next
year when she starts middle school!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our fun date!

I'm not sure why the time goes by so quickly.
I try to be a regular blogger and end up doing about 1 post a month.  YIKES!!  
Here is the fun date I told you about in the last post.  Micah and I got to go see WICKED the musical!
 We loved it!  It was amazing and I totally want to go again and take my two older kids.
We're still listening to the music and my kids can all sing a long.
On the way up, we were able to attend 2 temples!  It was a first for us and so fun.
We went to the Twin Falls Temple and the Bosie Temple.
Talk about AWESOME day!
 Another fun part of the trip was that we got to stay at my cousin Kristin's house in Boise.
She and her husband stayed up visiting with us all night and they made us feel so welcome and comfortable.
It was so fun to get away together.
Thanks again MOM for keeping the kids.  You're seriously the BEST!