Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time is flying by!

Another month has flown by.  Here is what we were up to.
I got to go with my mom and sisters to BYU Womens' week!
It was amazing!  We had so much fun together.
 I enjoyed a VERY nice Mothers Day.  I even got a pot of flowers and the Josh Wright CD
my sister wrote about here. The other highlight was when my husband fixed a dutch over meal
consisting of Ribs, Potatoes, and Peach Cobbler!  YUM!!!
 I LOVED this custom hairpiece that I made for someone.
Isn't it fun?

We went to ALL of Kody's soccer games.  He did awesome!
I just need to work on not yelling so much.  I thought I was helping, but apparently
I'm embarrassing.  :(  Nice to know.
We also went to all of Josie's recitals and competitions. 
She is doing amazing as well!
That's all for know, but keep checking back.
I still have to post on a SUPER fantastic date that
Micah and I went on!  :)