Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to School!

Here is Tyann on her first day of Kindergarten. I didn't have real tears, but my heart does feel sad. It just feels like once they get in school, they grow up even faster. Ty has been my little helper. Who is going to unload the dishwasher, help entertain Lacey, or want to go to Costco with me? I LOVE her so much.
I always tell her how cute she is and this morning she said, "I bet my teacher will think I am the cutest girl in the class!" Probably so Ty. You are beautiful!
This is how I pictures Tyann still. Isn't she precious?

Here is Kody on his first day. What a handsome little guy!
(Who is going to take care of the dog while he is at school?)
Here is sweet Josie. She is growing up so quickly. This is her last year in elementary school and I think I might have a heart attack next year when she goes to middle school!
(I miss her when she is gone too...she is my right had gal!)
What cuties!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010 update!

Kody played baseball and loved it! He is our little athlete! He is now playing soccer, which he says is his favorite. Kody and Micah got to go with my brother-in-law Aaron, hiking for 3 days. Kody was in heaven being with his dad that much!

Here we are having a silly string fight!
I didn't realize this blog was so much about Kody, but this was also a very important event. Kody got baptized and we had a lot of family come! It was a great day! We got to go clear up to northern Idaho to see our good friends, the Bartels! We have missed them and it was so fun to be with them again. While we were there we went to Silverwood, a theme park. Here is a video of Lacey's first roller coaster ride! She is a doll!

We also had tons of fun at home. Here we are having an inside marshmellow roast!We had the BEST SUMMER!!!