Monday, May 24, 2010

A few more pictures!

Last week was "Spirit Week" at the school. Here is the 50's-80's day.
Isn't that side pony tail sweet???
I told Josie I should have kept some of my clothes. They would have been awesome. Especially the high colored socks. Too bad! I also could have given her some sweet high bangs, but she doesn't have any and didn't want to cut some just for that day!
This is "Career Day". Of course, Kody wanted to be an Electrican like his dad and Josie wanted to be a Cosmotologist, just like me!

Then the girls wanted to get in on all the pictures taking action! They didn't even have their hair done, but it was so cute that they posed themselves!

Aren't they cute! It's been so fun to have more time to play with them and snuggle more. I will miss Tyann next year when she goes to school. She is my big helper!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Catch up

Well, it's been over 2 weeks since I quit working and I have LOVED it. My family has LOVED it too! I have kept the house cleaner, been more relaxed, had dinner ready every night, read more books to my kids, and tried to laugh more.

I have so much to catch up on so I'll just give you a little run down on what's been going on around here. Today was "CrAZy hair day!" Kody just wanted a "buzz" (he thought was REALLY crazy,) and Josie wanted something fun and crazy. Here is what they got.
Is it me or does Kody look even older now? YIKES! Here is a goofy picture!
Okay, maybe I have been going through a little withdrawl of not doing hair so.....Tyann got a make over! I love it. Here is her before shot!
And here is the after shot! Isn't she a doll. I always tell her how pretty I think she is and after she got her hair cut she said, "Mom, I'm probably the cutest girl in the world." What a sweetie!
Josie had her clogging recital and she did really good. Here we are in our matching team shirts. (I'm the team mom, so I got one too!)
Josie was lucky enough to have her grandma and grandpa Cottle come up too! She felt loved and special that night which is what it is all about.
Here is a cute picture of the girls before church a while ago. I had curled it and they looked adorable! The difference in their coloring cracks me up!
Also a few weeks ago, I got to go to the Mrs. Idaho pageant in Boise. My friend Natasha Jones was in it and I went with a few girls in her ward to support her! I had such a fun time. She did a fantastic job and I was REALLY proud of her! (and her cute hair....that I do...or did! :-)

And that's about it. I have more time now, so hopefully I'll take more pictures and create more posts! See ya soon!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

To my Mom on Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day, Mom!

I have learned so much from my mom. I don't think there is a day that goes by that I don't think of her and how she did things while I was growing up. As I remember funny little things about my childhood, I often wonder what my kids will remember about me.

Here are some of the things that I love about my mom:

She is always there when I need her and makes me feel like her best friend. She always told me, "you won't know how much I love you till you have your own daughter someday!" And she was right! She comes when I have babies, when I get sick (or one of the kids get sick), recitals, primary programs, or ANY time I need her. She is also willing to keep the kids when I need a break!

Another thing I learned from my mom was to love my family!
I TRULY love getting together with my family. Even though we are all different, have different interests, and different spouses, we all try to have a great time when we are together! My mom loves to get together with her family too and her love for her parents IS amazing! Her mom died on Mothers Day about 50 years ago and I know it was a really hard day for her. However; she never let it damper our day for her. She was a good sport to make us all feel so special when we gave her our handmade gifts!

My dad is usually the one in front (teacher, bishop, stk pres, singing, or any public speaking), but I know that it is because he has one wonderful woman behind him every step of the way. Who do you think washed and ironed his clothes all those years, always made dinner, and made sure everything was in order? ....Yup, my MOM!!!

Another thing I learned from my mom was to keep my kids clean, hair cute, be involved in their school, check their back packs, make their lunch, NEVER let them leave without a hug and a kiss, and be home when they get home from school.

There are so many things that I could go on and on. She taught me commitment, compassion, service, dedication, virtue, and love. Thanks Mom. I wouldn't be who I am today without you!