Saturday, April 23, 2011

The last month in review!

Kody had his first Pinewood Derby on March 19th!
(Which also our 12th anniversary!  Wahoo!!)
During spring break, we all went rollerskating! 
I started a blog with my sisters!  It's awesome. 
Have you checked it out?
Click here to see it.  Seriously, you'll LOVE it! 
It really lives up to its name, "bits of everything"! :) 
I spent 3 days at the Holt Arena for the "Spring Fair" with my sister and a good friend!
We sold our Girly Accent stuff there and did really good!
It was very tiring, but overall a really great experience! 
My friend Lisa and I drove to Burley to see our friend,
Lyndsey, who just had a baby.
This is the three of us and our "babies"! 
Too bad mine is getting so big! :) 
Josie is also growing up too fast!
She had her graduation from the D.A.R.E. program!
We even got a little education on drugs and gang symbols.
It was very interesting! 
Our friends, the Bartels, got to come visit.
It was too short, but we LOVED it! 
Our van hit 180,000 miles. :( 
So we bought something a little newer!
A 2004 Chevy Trailblazer.  We LOVE it! :) 
I was a "hostess" for Jr. Miss Scholarship program. 
Micah helped me get a little "spring cleaning" done! 
He is seriously the best husband ever.
We washed windows (inside and out), cleaned blinds,
shortened the blinds (a project we've been meaning
to do for 3 years), and washed all the curtains
and hung them back up!
It feels so good to have that done! 
And today we started our Easter celebration.
It was so nice to have my sister, Cali,
and her family come and join us.  We had such a good time.
We dyed eggs, had a egg hunt, played outside,
and grilled hot dogs for dinner! 
What a cute group!! 
Whew!  That was a busy month!