Thursday, May 29, 2008

4 months already???

Don't you just love her big BLUE eyes? When I took her to her 2 month check up she weighed 9 lbs. At 3 months (when she was still screaming) she only weighed 9 lbx 4 oz. Today at 4 months she weighed in at 11 lbs 4 oz. Can you believe that?? Two whole pounds in 4 weeks. She is so much happier and chunkier!!! :-)

Schools Out!

Well, its over. School is officially out and the summer break is here. I just hope I can keep them all entertained this summer. If anyone has some good job charts or ideas on how to keep your kids busy this summer, I'd love some suggestions.
Here are the first day of school pictures.....and the last day of school pictures!

Here is another really cute picture of Josie's new haircut. We were going to wait a while, but she really wanted to surprise her friends and her teacher on the last day of school. What a cutie. I just wish it didn't make her look so much older. I sure do love having girls. I trimmed up Tyann's hair yesterday too and she loved it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Fun!

Micah will be working 10 hour days for the next month for his job and I was busy yesterday too, so for a little fun for FHE and the holiday we took the kids to see this really cute show. The kids loved it and it was fun to get out and go to the cheap movie!

Monday, May 26, 2008

What we've been doing!

Getting fill dirt for our yard and spreading it out.

Digging trenches and laying out a bunch of pipe for our sprinkler system.

Enjoying a happy, more relaxed baby! She's so sweet!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation

Here is Kody accepting his diploma from his teacher. I'm not sure why this song always brings tears to my eyes!

My friend watched Tyann and Lacey for me, so that I could video tape it for Micah and take pictures for the scrapbook. Thanks Lisa!!

Here is a picture of Kody and I, Kody and his teacher Mrs. Jensen, and a few of his friends.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Welcome Addie!

My sister had her baby on May 16th and she is beautiful!! They named her Adalyn, but will call her Addie. She had a very long labor and lack of progression so she is now part of the c-section club. I wish them a very speedy recovery!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mothers Day!

My mothers day was wonderful! Micah and the kids made it absolutely special. I got some decorations on my wall for Mothers Day and I LOVE IT!!
Micah also made me a fabulous dinner of grilled marinaded steaks and dutch oven potatoes. It was delicious!

I love each of my kids so much. Most of the time, being a mom is the best thing in the world! (Tyann was sleeping when this picture was taken.)

Josie just had her clogging recital and will be dancing at the National competition at Lagoon this weekend. She is such a sweet girl and I can't believe that she will be eight in a few weeks! Where did she learn that pose???

Kody is full of energy and is always looking to help. I couldn't find him for a while today and I found him over at the neighbors helping spread a load of gravel. I'm so glad I atleast got one boy!

Tyann is always full of mischief. As you can see in this picture, I wasn't watching her for five minutes and she got into my makeup. The poor girl didn't even have her hair done yet. She does have a very loving side and is always full of suprises! (She did a really good job of putting the lipstick on herself, the only problem was it was the kind that won't wipe off! It stayed there the whole day! :-)

Lacey is a DREAM!! Thanks to her acid refulx medicine and a new formula called Nutramigen. She is a completely new baby!! Her appetite is increasing and she is sleeping better. Hopefully she'll start gaining weight and keep being happy.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

3 Months Old

Happy 3 months Lacey. We all love you so much!!

Lacey has been not feeling well for some time. She arches her back and cries A LOT! We are trying to figure her out, but sometimes we get "glimpses" of her happy nature. Here is a little video of her talking.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kody's unbirthday and "show & tell"

Last week they celebrated Kody's birthday in Kindergarten because he has a summer birthday. I asked him if he wanted to take brownies, cookies, or cupcakes and he said, "DOUGHNUTS". I'm not sure where he got the idea, but it was a fun one. He had a friend come over and we made doughnuts together. What a cute boy! Then when I took the treats to his class, he insisted on showing his new sister "Lacey" for show & tell. It was really cute. They all gathered around and were so interested.

Then while I was at the school, Josie wanted to show her class her baby sister as well. She was so proud and took her out of her seat and showed her off as she answered all of their questions.