Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Josie's new hair-do!

I have a lot of pictures I haven't blogged about, but Josie is very anxious to see this post about her! We have been very busy this summer having fun, watching Kody's baseball games, going to two family reunions back-to-back in Utah, ect. We'll see if I get ambitious enough to blog about each of those things.

Here is Josie's "before" picture!We were growing out her hair for a long time, but it is difficult for her to take care of. It is really thick and messy, so we decided it was time to take it up to a more manageable length.

Here is the "during" picture!

Here is the "after" picture. What do you think? We took about 8 inches off. I think she looks adorable! I am also adding a picture of her new bedding that we got to go with the full bed we put in her room. I think it looks like a really cute "older" girl room! Love you Josie!