Friday, July 1, 2011

Between the reunions!

After the Anderson Reunion, we went to the Cressall's
for a couple of days and boy did we have fun!
Here are the girls ready for bed!
 Here are the boys too!
 Here is Holly's fun make over!
 We styled it wavy the first day
 and the next day we did it straight!
 We took the kids for icee's,
 and we got fabulous pedicures!
 Thanks Cressall Family for the fun time!

Next we went to Elsinore, UT to visit my Grandpa!

 It was Tyann's 6th birthday so we had some fun!
We went to a rock shop and had a tour!
We went to the Ideal Dairy to have a yummy
birthday treat!

 AND we got to help Grandpa feed the lambs!
 Kody also wanted Grandpa to pull another one of
his teeth, so Grandpa pulled out the old PLIERS!
YIKES!  It was tough, but we eventually got it!
 We also enjoyed visiting with Grandpa and hearing
his stories, playing the piano for him, and sitting on
his porch swing in the evenings!

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